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VPA  +  24th Annual CAHSS Social Justice Colloquium 

EMERGENCE: A Visual Navigation Through Mending, Memory, and Experience

Featuring works by Alicia Alderete, Raina Beigler, Kelsey Ferry, Raegan Lomanto, Jordyn Martin, Alyse Molaro, Lindsay Newey, Raffaele Reade, Scout Sique, Zehunna Szestowicki, and Alison Claire Thomas 


This exhibition is in conjunction with the 24th Annual Social Justice Colloquium theme of Trauma and Healing.

Curated by VPA 325: Curatorial Gallery Practices students Danielle Benoit, Judith Davis-Deacon, Rhoaman Freeman, Peter Moppert, Nikki Nguyen, Ariangilee Senter, Saydi Trinidad, and Lillian Zamora. 

Curatorial Statement:

EMERGENCE: A Visual Navigation through Mending, Memory and Experience highlights eleven California State University Monterey Bay student artists in a first-time VPA virtual exhibition. Themes such as identity, sexuality, relationships, mental health and culture are presented in these artworks as the featured artists navigate their multifaceted individual and/or collective memories and experiences through a continual, ever-evolving process of mending. From their individual perspectives, these artists have investigated the often quiet and unseen methods of coping with unsettling and sometimes painful past events or feelings—emotional labor that is relevant now more than ever. Whether boldly tackling these topics head on or analyzing them with a more cerebral and introspective lens, each artist nonetheless speaks to the human condition.

Emergence Gallery:

Emergence Exhibit_1.png
Emergence Exhibit_2.png

image credits (above): L to R, exhibit statement, artwork by Raina Beigler, artwork by Alison Thomas, artwork by Kelsey Ferry, and artwork by Raffaele Reade

Emergence Exhibit_installation view.png
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