Normi Burke 

 Senior Adjunct Faculty  


Normi Burke
Lost Origins Suite
Lost Origins suite (1)


Normi Burke has provided instruction in studio courses and arts education. Influences of seemingly disparate themes such as working and raising a family and extensive global travel may be seen in Burke’s art and teaching practice. With an undergraduate degree in studio art, including drawing, painting and printmaking, and a Master’s degree in Education, Burke combines her diverse range of interests to work in mixed media formats. She received two consecutive Seidneck Scholarship Awards in conjunction with an internship at the Monterey Museum of Art, an Outstanding Achievement and Contribution in the Field of Visual Arts Award by the Pacific Grove Arts Commission, and several student-nominated Great Lecturer Awards. As an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach, Burke interned at the Getty, Villa in the Office of Antiquities. She volunteers with school districts to instruct teacher in-service workshops in visual arts and assist in school projects. Her current research is based on the loss of historic art works of Afghanistan: lost origins and the role of memory and the human need for transcendence. For the past 11 years, she has been a lecturer in the Visual and Public Art Department where she teaches arts education, studio, and art history courses.    

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