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Side by Side Initiative   

About Side by Side: 

Artists working Side by Side is a four-year Initiative that will include residency, visiting artists, exhibitions, artist talks, conversations, and Q&A. This is part of VPA’s working with masters Side by Side Initiative that facilities 1/1 work/interaction/mentorship with student and faculty as it applies to their respective disciplines.  There are two faculty residencies per academic year, which facilitate a new body of work, encourage creation, integration and professional application, and facilitate peer sharing via faculty to faculty and student workshops.


Why is it important?

  • This program allows student to observe and participate in the professional studio practice. Students are encouraged to engage with residents through artist talks, on-site studio visits, and exhibition. 

  • Students will gain an understanding of materials and processes that demystifies the artist’s studio practice and space. 

Faculty Residency Outcomes:


  • To create a body of work.  

  • To encourage creation, integration and professional application. 

  • To facilitate peer sharing via Faculty to Faculty Workshops.

Faculty-in-Residence: Angelica Muro, Assistant Professor of Integrated Media and Photography.


Upcoming Events and Workshops:

Photography Workshops                                                                                                       

A. Van Dyke Brown Printing Workshop     
This workshop introduces daylight/UV printing though hands-on exploration of photogenic drawings and iron-silver processes.   Prerequisite: none

          When: February 23, 2018, 12-4pm

          Where: VPA 71 (digital lab & film processing area)

          Space limited to 10 students

B. Liquid Light Workshop                                     
This workshop introduces liquid light emulsion and alternative receptor surfaces.  

Prerequisite: VPA 316 or equivalent
          When: March 9, 2018, 12-4pm
          Where: VPA 71 (darkroom)
          Space limited to 10 students
C. Polaroid Emulsion Transfer & Lazertran Waterslide Decal Transfer Workshop                 
This workshop introduces image and emulsion transfer and alternative receptor surfaces.  

Prerequisite: None


          When: March 16, 2018, 2-4pm
          Where: VPA 71 (digital lab & film processing area)
          Space limited to 10 students
Digital Design Workshop                                                                                                                  

A. Creating brand identity: Intro to Design Fundamentals and Exhibition Design Collateral                          
This workshop introduces design fundamentals and tools for creating a brand identity specific to exhibition signage that ranges  from print material to web announcements. Workshop led by Prof. Angelica Muro & Dionicio Mendoza.  Prerequisite: None
          When: Friday, April 13, 2018, 12-4pm
          Where: VPA 71 (digital lab)
          Space limited to 18 students

All workshops are free & open to all CSUMB students.
To sign-up, e-mail Angelica Muro at






MMA Studio Tour Series: Angelica Muro

March 5, 2018, 1-2pm, CSUMB

To reserve tickets:

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