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Major Learning Outcome # 1 - Historical and Philosophical Analysis

Students research, define, analyze, and critically formulate positions on issues in visual and public art from contemporary, historical, ethical, and sociopolitical perspectives.


Major Learning Outcome # 2 - Individual and Aesthetic Exploration

Students investigate and develop their own individual aesthetics within a critical and reflective framework of personal experiences and perspectives in the context of their work.  


Major Learning Outcome # 3 - Community Issues Analysis

Students define and investigate cross-cultural and community issues, problem solve, and respond with community-sensitive work.


Major Learning Outcome # 4 - Organizational and Collaborative Skills

Students use collaborative strategies to plan and achieve interdisciplinary arts projects.


Major Learning Outcome # 5 - Production Skills

Students develop production skills to produce and present public and individual artworks, projects or exhibitions.


Major Learning Outcome # 6 - Critical and Evaluative Skills

Students use critical and evaluative skills to revise work in response to community/audience relevancy, personal expression, and social accountability.


Major Learning Outcome # 7 - Distribution Skills

Students develop skills to present and distribute artwork in multiple contexts to engage diverse audiences.


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