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Senior Capstone is a two-semester course in which VPA majors use the fall semester of their senior year to conceptualize their projects, and the spring semester to build and exhibit them. With the learning experiences and new knowledge gained from Major Pro Seminar (taken in spring semester of Junior year), capstone students demonstrate their level of mastery and comprehension of VPA’s MLOs through the conceptualization and creation of their projects. In both semesters, students are assigned to faculty members who guide them through the process of creation. Part of the assessment of student progress is the end of the semester faculty review in which students present proposals that include:

  • samples of past art projects

  • artist’s statements

  • models & drawings

  • timelines

  • budgets


Based upon this mid-year presentation, and using the MLOs and the Criteria and Standards Rubric, the faculty committee decides whether the student may move to the spring semester for implementation, which culminates in a final presentation during the Capstone Festival (Spring semester only). In this process, VPA students are introduced to a review system that is conducted according to the standards and protocols for a public art commission. Senior Capstone students demonstrate the breadth and depth of technical and analytical skills in the proposal, installation, and exhibition of their culminating projects.

Senior Capstone Procedures and Guidelines

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